Chapter 5: Restoring Relationships

Relationships can be fragile. They can be broken through offensive actions, poor decisions, and careless conduct.  Damaged relationships need to be reconciled.  The tool is forgiveness, which is at the very heart of the Gospel. Whether you need to ask for forgiveness, forgive others, or forgive yourself, forgiveness needs to be complete to restore derailed relationships. Learn how to repair grievances and to experience the joy and freedom found in reconciliation.

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Cindy Brinker Simmons
About Cindy Simmons

Cindy Brinker Simmons is an author, businesswoman, and philanthropist who cares deeply about helping people in the middle of life’s challenges. She is a living, breathing champion of joy. Cindy’s victory in overcoming the sorrow of multiple personal losses provides comfort and hope to those struggling through life’s most difficult trials. For years, she has walked alongside hurting people to encourage and help them confidently press forward, choose joy, and trust God, no matter the circumstances. Cindy lost her beloved husband, Bob, to cancer in 2005. She has an adult son, William.

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