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With a voice of empathy, wit, and vulnerability, Cindy Brinker Simmons will walk you through practical tools and biblical truths that will reconnect you to God, others, and yourself. Restored’s message is for anyone who needs:

  • a fresh infusion of hope
  • a gentle reminder of God’s love and goodness
  • a healthy dose of inspiring thought and strength to persevere
  • a helpful roadmap to move forward and experience God’s plan and purpose
  • an effective way to reconcile and strengthen relationships

Restored will help you choose joy in the midst of heartache and hardship. You will be encouraged!

Restored - Reconnecting Life's Broken Pieces by Cindy Brinker Simmons

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Wisdom from Restored that provides
hope, joy, and encouragement

"Many times you cannot control your circumstances, but you can control your responses to your circumstances.  You can choose joy!"

"Relationships are a gift from God. Everyone needs to belong somewhere – it is called community."

"Trusting in God produces a confident hope anchored on the assurance that His plans for you are good."

"Don’t forget to remember how God has provided for you…and will do so again!"

"Relentlessly showing mercy and kindness to those in need models God’s lavish love for humanity."

"Many blessings are only received from the residue of pain, and the path of suffering is the only way to attain them."

"God’s goal is always your restoration and redemption. He wants you to show up, keep moving, and press forward."

"God loves you, delights in you, and never forsakes you."

"Hope is ushered in through the support, dedication, and compassion of community."

"God has mighty plans for you. He can use your story even if it is flawed, messy, or blemished."

About The Book

Cindy’s prayer as you lean in with her through the pages of Restored is that you will be filled with hope, joy, and wholeness even if you feel pummeled with life's two-by-fours right now. 

Sometimes you are at the end of yourself and hanging on by a thread.

Even after crushing heartbreaks, broken relationships, or challenging situations, God is at work...always. His outrageous grace never forsakes you and seeks your rescue and redemption. The truths shared in Restored will help you move forward even in those times of doubt, disbelief, and discouragement. God is to always be trusted.

What other people have to say about Restored

About Chapters 1-7

Chapter 1: Restoring Momentum

 When your world has been rocked, the only thing you may want to do is pause. That's OK for a while. But life is beckoning you to move forward, conquer your fear, and replace panic with peace.  Focus on doing something each day.  Celebrate that!  Victory requires action.  Practical answers and biblical truths will prompt you to take that first step to press onward.

Chapter 2: Restoring Perseverance

No one is immune from suffering.  Agony is as much a part of life as joy.  But God calls us to persevere.  Even when life's weight seems a little too heavy, God is at work.  He has a plan and a purpose in all this mess. Let's see how God uses trials for your good and how you can persevere even when life throws you those painful curve balls. 

Chapter 3: Restoring Joy

Many times, you cannot control your circumstances, but you can control your responses to your circumstances.  You can choose joy!  Say what?!  In life, pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional, depending on how you respond.  How do you avoid those joy killers that reduce the delight, wonder, and pleasure found in the glory of each day?  Let's lean in together and discover those answers!

Another thought from Cindy...

"Serving others is an act of worship. You are not called to insulate your gifts and talents but to infiltrate them into the lives of others."

Cindy Brinker SImmons

About The Author

Cindy Brinker Simmons is an author, businesswoman, and philanthropist who cares deeply about helping people in the middle of life’s challenges. She is a living, breathing champion of joy. Cindy’s victory in overcoming the sorrow of multiple personal losses provides comfort and hope to those struggling through life’s most difficult trials. For years, she has walked alongside hurting people to encourage and help them confidently press forward, choose joy, and trust God, no matter the circumstances. Cindy lost her beloved husband, Bob, to cancer in 2005. She has an adult son, William.